Recording studio and audio post-production since 2004

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A Few Words About Us

It is thanks to the versatility and diversity of the projects we work on that Stritlab is the ideal postproduction studio in fields as varied as animation, video games, documentaries, TV shows, short films, advertising or corporate video.

Monitoring your project

We ensure the follow-up of your project for optimal sound rendering that will correspond to your expectations


Pro Tools Ultimate avec PC i9-13900K 24 coeurs - 5.80 Ghz
AVID S3 control surface
Dan Alexander Preamp - Dual Class A & Universal Audio M610
UREI LA-4 compressor Micro Brauner Phantom C (Anniversary Editon)
Listening: Genelec 1031 + JBL

Our Know-how

In existence since 2004, Stritlab has been adapted to industry changes by mixing the precision of digital output with the warmth of analog quality. We are connected with international studios thanks to SourceConnect and SessionLink Pro

A bit of data on Stritlab

First of all, we are :


Years of experience


Projects per year


Voice talent / Dubbers


Stritlab offers a wide range of services to best ensure your sound post-production needs

Sound design

We provide soundscapes, sound effects and music on request for any creation whether linked to the moving image or not.


We Take into account the different approaches to editing and mixing according to clients needs or the subjects concerned.


Stritlab ensures projects conform to all compression and distribution standards.


Thanks to our sound recording booths, specially designed for the human voice, we provide synchronized dubbing for films, narrations, singing, and others.

Remote recording

We can record actors based in studios abroad in digital duplex (quality up to 384kbps stereo) thanks to Source Connect and SessionLink Pro. You can also follow and direct your actors in our premises remotely through Skype by taking advantage of the image synchronization of your projects.

Voice casting

We have a database of professional voice actors both French and foreign language: Following your brief, we will send you a selection of voice over extracts adapted to your expectations and we can organize a casting based on your specific requests.


We prepare an estimate according to your expectations that best responds to the specs we are given in the quickest manner possible.

They trust us


13 Rue De La Grange Aux Belles
Paris, 75010

+33 1 42 02 12 11